Catherine Lord For Ovarian Cancer Action

The Finishing Line Vietnam

The Finishing Line Vietnam. Today we finished the Vietnamese part of the ride. 90 Kms which proved to be the most challenging day so far. Another day of seering heat and rising terrain ending in a 1 in 10 hill which just about finished us all off.

Two casualties today. One of the group came over her handlebars negotiating a bridge and another collapsed from heat stroke. All the Aztec Bikers came through the day unscathed but very tired.

A Brief Stop

A brief stop along the way out of Ho Chi Minh City towards Angkor Wat.

First day under our belt 52kms and we're all feeling confident although we are facing 95kms tomorrow! It really is a beautiful country.

Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City

Four of the team on arrival in Ho Chi Minh City.

About Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian Cancer Action is the UK’s leading ovarian cancer charity. Our focus is to improve the prognosis of all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We aim to transform ovarian cancer treatment and improve survival through creating a research environment that encourages scientific breakthrough; this is why we felt that it was vital to establish the UK’s first research centre dedicated solely to ovarian cancer.

Our passion is to reach every woman and GP in the UK with key messages about ovarian cancer and its symptoms. This, we feel, will contribute to ensuring that a greater proportion of women are diagnosed as early as possible giving women a greater chance of survival.

Our work is made possible thanks to our all our supporters including our patrons, Board of Directors, international scientific committee, executive team, principal investigators, scientists, supporters, funders and fundraisers who all make sure that the work we do makes a significant impact on improving the lives of all those affected by ovarian cancer. It is also why we are investing £1 million this year in medical research and why we are launching the UK’s first research collaboration with the country’s best gynaecological oncologists.



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